SATCOM Limiter Amplifier

The SATCOM Limiter Amplifier provides exceptional receive sensitivity and system overload protection in the presence of large interfering signals. Operating over the 243 to 270 MHz SATCOM receive band, the Limiter/Amp provides less than 1.8 dB noise figure, greater than 14 dB return loss, 19.5 ± 1 dB gain and 48 dBm OIP3, while limiting output power under extreme conditions to +35 dBm. Various frequency ranges and limiting levels are also available as a factory set option. Please contact your sales representative at 513.870.9060 or for details.


Part Number: 138900
Frequency Coverage: 243 to 270 MHz
Gain: 19.5 ± 1 dB
Noise Figure: 1.8 dB
RF Output Power Limiting: < 35 dBm
(< 45 dBm for initial 20 us)
Input/Output Impedance: 50Ω
Modulation Types: FM, FSK, PSK
DC Power: +28 VDC @ 1800 mA max.
Operating Temperature: 0° to +50°C
RF Connectors: RF In:    TNC Female (J1)
RF Out:      N Female (J2)
DC Power Connection:  M38999/42WB99PN (J3)
(7-pin Circular)

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