Standard designs in various bands to support almost any application.

The NANO-POLE® is designed for optimal size, DC consumption, RF power handling, insertion loss, signal purity and linearity. The NANO-POLE® provides a minimum center frequency step size of 10 MHz typically but can be modified based upon request. The NANO-POLE® requires a +3.0 V supply that typically draws 5 mA when not hopping. The supply voltage should be adequately filtered as noise present on this pin will influence the RF signal purity. The NANO-POLE® uses SPI control interface.


Frequency Coverage
(Multiple bands):
225 MHz to 3000 MHz
Input/Output Impedance: 50 Ω
Inband RF Power Handling: +30 dBm (typical)                  *Reference data sheet
Inband Third Order Intercept Point: +42 dBm (input) typical
Tuning Control: SPI
Tuning Speed: 10 uS (typical)
DC Current:

30 mA (typical)                          *Reference Data Sheet

Operating Temperature Range:
-40° to +85°C
.078 × .047 × .03 (in.)
20 × 12 × 7.62 (mm.)


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