Multichannel Interference Canceler (MIC)

Pole/Zero’s Multichannel Interference Canceler (MIC) is a rack-mount VHF/UHF cosite interference mitigation system that cancels in-band interferers on the same mobile platform (i.e., shipboard, airborne, ground). Designed for integration between receivers and antennas, the MIC accepts reference signals coupled from the offending cosite RF emitters and excises the undesired RF signals from each associated emitter to allow the receivers to operate nominally.

 Also known as a “referenced” canceler, the MIC contains five channels, each of which can be selected to cover either VHF Low (30-88 MHz), VHF High (116-174 MHz), or UHF (225-400MHz). Further, the MIC detects frequency changes of the interferer automatically and the revised interference is canceled, even with frequency hopping signals. This is accomplished by injection of accurately scaled anti-phase images of the reference interfering

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Part Number: Multichannel Interference Canceller
Operation: Five channels of VHF/UHF cancellation
for undesired signals
Frequency Coverage: 30-88 MHz (VHF Low)
108-174 MHz (VHF High)
225-400 MHz (UHF)
Receive Insertion Loss: 5 dB
Interference Null Depth: 45 dB (Typical)
Operating Temperature Range: -40° to +55°C
Size: 3U 19 (in.) rack mounting
Weight 19 lbs. / 8.6 kg

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