The ICE5001 is a highly integrated tunable UHF Cosite Filter/Amplifier providing state of the art performance for cosite applications. We have incorporated several of our cutting edge technologies into this design and it represents our highest performance subsystem. Currently, supported radios include the ARC-210, ARC-232 and ARC-234. The ICE5001 is designed with a flexible interface to support future radio requirements, such as JTRS. This unit is qualified for use in military applications. A mounting tray is available for easy incorporation on your platform. Cost-effective modifications are available on the ICE5001. Please contact your sales representative at 513.870.9060 or for details.


Part Number: ICE5001-TR-225-400
Operation: Full duplex (SATCOM)
Half duplex (LOS)
Transmit and receive filter/amplifier
Frequency Coverage: 243-318 MHz (SATCOM)
225-400 MHz (LOS)
Receive Gain: 14.0 dB (SATCOM)
12.0 dB (LOS)
Receive Noise Figure:   8.0 dB (SATCOM)
<9.5 dB (LOS)
Receive Input IP3: +73.5 dBm @ 4 & 7.5 MHz offset
(500 kHz off channel product)
Transmit RF Output Power: 158 W (SATCOM)
  40 W (LOS)
Selectivity: Receive:
-60 dBc @ ±2.0 MHz
-75 dBc @ ±4.0 MHz
-80 dBc @ ±6.0 MHz  
-45 dBc @ ±2.0 MHz
-70 dBc @ ±4.0 MHz
-80 dBc @ ±6.0 MHz
Broadband Noise: -143 dBm/Hz @ ±4 MHz
Harmonics: -70 dBc (2nd harmonic)
-80 dBc (others)
Spurious Signals: Receive:
-110 dBm (<300 kHz)
-80 dBm (elsewhere)  
-80 dBm (2-4 MHz)
-100 dBm (<10 MHz)
-110 dBm (elsewhere in-band)
-130 dBm (elsewhere out-of-band)
Tuning Speed: 100μS
Power: 115 VAC, 3 Phase, 400 Hz @ 3A
Weight: 48 lbs. / 21.8 kg
Operating Temperature Range: 0° to +50°C
Size (in./mm.): 7.0 x 10 x 19.3 / 178 x 256 x 491

Data is believed to be accurate. All data is subject to change without notice.

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