ICE 1100

The new ICE1100 is a next-generation compact filter/amplifier system for improving communication system link margin and also mitigating the effects of RF cosite interference. As an ancillary device to a receiver/transmitter (R/T), this next-generation ICE product provides fast-tuning, agile bandpass filtering and linear amplification in both transmit (20 W) and receive to counter RF interference from collocated emitters (e.g. tactical radios, data links, radars, electronic warfare systems, etc.) operating in adjacent frequency bands.

The ICE1100 supports a wide variety of AM and FM waveforms including, but not limited to, SATURN, SINCGARS, HAVE QUICK, SRW, ANW2C, and Legacy UHF SATCOM.

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Part Number



Half-Duplex Transmit and Receive

Frequency Coverage

30-88 MHz (VHF Low)
108-174 MHz (VHF High)
225-520 MHz (UHF)

Receive Gain

7 dB

Receive Noise Figure

3.5 dB

RF Output Power

25 W (FM)

Filter Selectivity

-32 dBc @ 10% removed from FC (UHF)

Operating Temperature Range

-40° to +55° C


8.0 x 4.0 x 2.5 in.

(not including connectors)


≤3 lb.

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