HF-ERF™ Series

The HF-ERF™ is an internally switched 3‑band, low cost, miniature, high performance tunable filter. The HF-ERF™ was designed to have the best insertion loss and Q in the smallest package possible, 2.0” x 2.78” x 0.6”.  All HF-ERF™ filters are fully tested and aligned by Pole/Zero for convenience and ease of use. Both SPI and Parallel control interfaces are available in one filter.  Modified variants are available upon request.


The following plots illustrate approximate performance.

Example product number: MN-1.5-30-3-S13 or MN-1.5-30-3-S13-C017

General Information:

The HF-ERF™ requires two supply voltages. A +3.3 VDC digital supply and a high bias voltage of +100 VDC is required to bias the diodes. These supply voltages should be adequately filtered as noise present on these pins will influence the RF signal purity.

Digital Interface Information:

The digital interface format is SPI serial or parallel depending on the state of the mode control pin.


1. First number indicates maximum inband power levels and second number indicates maximum out of band RF power levels either in CW or composite peak for multi-tones.


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